With the advent of next generation sequencing technology a lot of sequence data is available for analysis.The studies on segmentally duplicated areas of chromosomes are a challenge for biologists because of their repetitive nature.The scientists are looking for a software
which can detect these areas and compare them between lineages and different species.

          Recently, Delehelle et. al.(2018) have developed a software called ASGART- A segmental duplication gathering and refining tool, which picks up segmental duplication from genome of any size. The online copy of the program is available at  http://asgart.irit.fr and you can get the source code of the program at https://github.com/delehef/asgart

Delehelle F. et.al.(2018)ASGART: fast and parallel genome scale segmental duplications mapping. Bioinformatics 34(16)2708-2714.