In nature, we find that most of the polyploids have more than two copies of chromosomes. Thus, it becomes very difficult to map genes and do genetic mapping in polyploids. Lack of softwares for this purpose is also a big reason for not making genetic maps of many polyploids. 

              Bourkey P.  et al. (2018) have developed a new R package for this purpose. This package can be used for doing mapping in  triploid, tetraploid and hexaploid crop species. This can be applied to diverse range of crops. It can be used for generating high density genetic maps for many crop plants.

              The package is available on the following site


Bourke P. et al. (2018) polymapR - linkage analysis and genetic map construction from F1 populations of outcrossing polyploids.Bioinformatics 34(20): 3496-3502